I can hardly say I’m the world’s biggest Will Oldham fan—it’s weird, because I think the dude is genuinely, hugely talented, yet I’m only deeply familiar with that first Palace Brothers album, and Viva Last Blues. I’ve rarely listened to much he’s done since I See A Darkness, but almost every time I do, I’m kind of surprised at how good his work has remained (an example: Ease Down The Road and Master And Everyone, albums that as I recall got somewhat muted responses, and which I did not listen to at all until a couple of years back, are great fucking records). He’s one of those dudes that I feel will just go on forever, and in thirty years or so, assuming people still care about music, people will really get a handle on just how much of a heavyweight the guy really is. 

Having said that, I still don’t listen to his music all that much, for whatever reason. But I don’t listen to Astral Weeks a whole lot either, and I’ve gone on record elsewhere as saying that it’s my favorite album in the whole world, so there’s that. There’s that saying about consistency and hobgoblins or something, but I think there’s a lot to be said for Oldham’s continuing greatness, which I think is kind of taken for granted sometimes. 

WHICH IS A LENGTHY AND DRAWN-OUT (AND POORLY WRITTEN) WAY OF SAYING: Wolfroy Goes To Town is really, really good. 


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