It’s odd, but while I watched and loved anything Muppet-related when I was a kid, I was never much into Sesame Street. In fact, I don’t remember watching kids’ public television at all—no Thomas The Tank Engine, no Mr. Rogers—I was aware of those programs, but I didn’t watch them (I wonder if, since we lived way out in the country and always had really poor television reception, whether PBS was just something we couldn’t get? Though I seem to recall watching a lot of nature shows, so who knows), although I had a lot of Sesame Street books, so I knew the characters fairly well, but that’s not really important.

I had a dream a year or so ago that I met Big Bird, and I was overjoyed. I ran over and threw my arms around him, giving him a huge hug. But, instead of being Big Bird, and instead of it being some dude in a Big Bird costume, it was like I was hugging a huge Big Bird costume that had been filled with what appeared to be creamed corn, and when I hugged him, it began to squeeze out of his mouth and eye sockets.

Allen Ginsberg is unrelated to the story.


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    I LOVED SESAME STREET. the counting to 12 song (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8 9, 10, 11……tweeeeeeee… eeeelll… elVE!) is...
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