I heard about this some time ago, but I always manage to forget to mention it here…until now.

My most recent favorite crazy-celebrity behavior involves Phil Collins and his weird obsession with the Alamo. A couple of excerpts:

He’s told friends his life as Phil Collins the singer is now ‘over’. Studying the history of the Alamo, and collecting artifacts from the battle, has become an all-consuming passion. ‘F*** music,’ he rather sourly told an interviewer this year.

It all started, according to Collins, when he was a young boy. He’s said in interviews he would watch transfixed as the actor Fess Parker portrayed king of the wild frontier Davy Crockett in the Disney TV series of the same name. Collins says: ‘It was on every week. It just got me, and never left me.’ He would ask his parents to buy him raccoon-skin hats and toy rifles as birthday presents.

…for the past 15 years, since around the time of his bitter break-up with second wife Jill Taverman, his main hobby has been pursuing anything and everything related to the battle of the Alamo.

…Collins has even gone so far as to have a painting made of him in military uniform alongside the rest of the Texan garrison at the Alamo.

Additionally, Collins now believes that he is the reincarnated spirit of one of the defenders:

Admittedly, Collins remains a little defensive about his reincarnation, telling Rolling Stone magazine he was not a ‘weirdo’ for believing it was possible, and producing pictures showing orbs of light, claiming that it was paranormal energy.

I’m still not totally convinced that this isn’t an Onion article that somehow made its way out into the wider world.


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    This is no Onion article. He’s apart of the Alamo Society, like I am. I’ve already met him. He owns some Alamo artifacts...
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    I love it when rich/famous people are batshit insane.
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    All hilarious and strange, right? Except, you should read the second link, the Rolling Stone article. It’s awful. It’s...
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    I was dubious, too, but it sounds like it’s true. IT’S FUCKING TRUE. That’s insane.
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