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A couple of good ideas for movies:

Ever wonder what Angela Hayes (Mena Suvari) from American Beauty has been up to since that night she almost slept with Kevin Spacey, only minutes before he was shot in the head by Chris Cooper? Of course you have. Someone should get to work on a sequel, told entirely from Suvari’s character’s point of view.

Social Network/Moneyball-style film about the relationship between the young Dave Thomas—who we all know as the founder of Wendy’s—and his mentor, Colonel Harland Sanders. I’m thinking there should be a scene early on of Thomas as a child, sneaking out of the hellish orphanage where he grew up and making his way to a corner malt shop where he has his very first hamburger. I’m uncertain of who should play the adult Thomas, but Colonel Sanders I think would best be served by either Tommy Lee Jones or the always incredible M. Emmet Walsh.

Seriously, Hollywood, these are Million Dollar Ideas. Somebody should be cooking this stuff up right this second.